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Alma Pamplona

Next opening

Rio atravesando bosque cerca de Pamplona

"Time makes what we think is important futile and what we think is in vain, sensible."
Ramón Andrés

New Alma Pamplona Hotel

Alma Hotels is working together with the Alma Pamplona team on our next project: a hotel in Pamplona that promises to offer our guests a unique experience of exclusivity, elegance and tranquillity. This new establishment will embody the same essence as Alma Pamplona itself.

Chef Leandro Gil en el huerto

La Biblioteca Restaurant

In order for our guests to continue being able to enjoy the gastronomy of chef Leandro Gil, the La Biblioteca restaurant, awarded one Michelin star, will be revamped and relocated to this new venue.

We are always looking to offer the best service in the best possible location, which is why the restaurant will be temporarily closed in order for us to be able to provide the best gastronomic experience of haute cuisine from Navarre when we reopen.

New Alma Pamplona project

If you would like to know more about this exciting hotel and restaurant project, we invite you to fill in the following form. We will be delighted to share detailed information with you about our new location in a unique and exclusive setting.

We invite you to join us to discover the true essence of hospitality in a place full of Alma (soul).