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Alma Hotels

Alma (soul), from the Latin anima; spiritual and immortal substance capable of understanding, wanting and feeling, which informs the human body and with it constitutes the essence of man.”

Founding Principles

Alma hotels are distinguished by offering all the virtues of the best high category urban hotels with contemporary style and the enjoyment of a stay with the classic flavour of old-school travel. The comfort of travelling without haste, of integrating oneself into the city, of appreciating its rhythms and savouring each moment of the stay. All of this from a space with Alma (soul), the name chosen for the company to imply the idea of a different type of management with the client as its central focus.

The designs of the Alma hotels have high architectural value, whether through the recuperation of the building’s history or its new avant-garde conception. That is why they are always situated in singular buildings. The restrained, elegant interior design is conceived to be at the service of functionality, with no concessions for aspects which do not incorporate the highest degree of comfort.

In keeping with this conceptualisation, the AlmaHotels rooms are characterised by their generous size and utmost comfort. Likewise, the hotels incorporate a wellness space for relaxation and personal care.

The comfort of travel without haste, of integrating oneself into the city, of appreciating its rhythms and savouring each moment of the stay.

Because restorative rest is essential in order to resume travel activities with enthusiasm, the Hotel Alma Barcelona beds are dreamy. Large mattresses made exclusively for the AlmaHotels and the highest quality linen are presented on the beds, which have no additional linens for a single reason: so guests can see that the room is impeccable.

Moreover, rooms can be accessed using fingerprint-recognition technology. This novel system means that returning Alma clients never have to go through the process of checking in again. Further proof that each guest is a person with their own unique traits, not just a name on the hotel register.

In addition, both the AlmaHotels have their own restaurants with teams of Alma staff. The concept is a gastronomic experience with the enjoyment of place and space, adapting the origins of the produce to its environment. Prime ingredients which vary according to the season.

Through values such as honesty and dedication, the individuals who make up the Alma staff create a unique experience for the client. Honesty as a point of authenticity without pretension. Dedication to the profession of serving: respect and understanding in an efficient and discreet manner with personalised service taken to its highest expression.

Honesty and dedication, the AlmaHotels values which respect the profession of serving in an efficient, discreet and personalised manner.

With each new project, the company wishes to leave an impression on its clients’ memory and to awaken the desire to repeat the experience. In order to achieve this, we will always present the same essence while offering contrasts and unique charms in hotels of the highest category located in emblematic buildings.

AlmaHotels aims for complete client satisfaction and for guests to find a discreet oasis of comfort and harmony in a singular space. AlmaHotels currently has 2 hotels: in Barcelona, which is also where the company headquarters are, and in Pamplona.


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