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Upcoming Exhibitions and Activities at CCCB

Exhibitions at the CCCB

The Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona (CCCB) is a renowned cultural space devised as an epicentre of creativity and innovation in the city of Barcelona. Located in the heart of the Raval district, this centre has gained a worthy reputation as a beacon for exhibitions, events and activities that celebrate contemporary culture in different formats. Below we will explore some of the most notable exhibitions and events planned by CCCB for the coming months.



Inteligencia Artificial

Exhibition: Inteligencia Artificial

From 17 October to 17 March 2024, the CCCB presents a fascinating exhibition on the constantly evolving world of artificial intelligence. The outstanding exhibit has been curated by Lluís Nacenta, Jordi Torres, Suzanne Livingstron and Maholo Uchida. An immersive journey that explores how artificial intelligence is changing our lives, from how we work and communicate to its impact on creativity and ethics.

Visitors will have the chance to explore masterpieces generated by AI and learn how this technology is transforming medicine, science and other fields. The exhibition will also tackle pressing ethical issues such as privacy and controlling smart machines. A unique opportunity to delve into the world of AI and understand its impact on our present and future.

Exhibition: Sociedades Algorítmicas

From 13 to 15 November, CCCB will host a must-see exhibit entitled “Sociedades Algorítmicas”. This exhibit focuses on how algorithms have shaped our everyday lives in ways that often go unnoticed. From film recommendations on streaming platforms to financial decision-making, algorithms are everywhere.

The exhibition will address crucial questions on equity and justice in algorithms, highlighting how these formulas can perpetuate biases and inequality. It will also explore how algorithms can also be a powerful tool for facing global challenges like climate change and healthcare.

Domingo en el Patio

If you’re planning to visit CCCB at any time of year, don’t miss “Domingo en el Patio”. This permanent event offers a unique outdoor entertainment experience combining live music, cinema, gastronomy and a relaxed atmosphere. Sundays in the CCCB courtyard are the perfect opportunity to enjoy Barcelona’s great climate and share special moments with friends and family.

Illustration: Cecília Bofarull

Manifiestos Fílmicos Feministas IX

From 9 to 11 November, CCCB will host the 9th edition of “Manifiestos Fílmicos Feministas”. This series of projections and debates highlights the world of film makers who tackle feminist and gender issues. The films often challenge gender norms and offer a unique perspective on the struggles and achievements of women around the world.


From 17 to 24 November, CCCB presents “L’Alternativa”, an independent film festival that has become a benchmark for alternative and experimental film making. This celebration of out-of-the-ordinary films offers a diverse selection of titles that challenge conventions and explore new horizons in film narrative. An opportunity for film lovers to discover unique and provocative gems.


On 2 December, CCCB organises “Miniput”, an event to celebrate animation and children’s films. A day full of films and activities for kids who can enjoy captivating stories and endearing characters on the big screen. A great way to get kids involved in the world of film and creativity.

World Press Photo

Throughout November and December 2023, CCCB will host the “World Press Photo” exhibition. This exhibit is a showcase for some of the year’s most powerful and moving press images. Winning photographs tell stories from around the world, from political conflicts to environmental and cultural issues. World Press Photo is an opportunity to reflect on the most significant global events and appreciate the power of photography in the press.

La Fiesta del Cortometraje

To round off the year, on 21 December 2023, CCCB will organise “La Fiesta del Cortometraje”. This event pays tribute to short films, which are often underestimated but can be just as powerful and significant as feature length films. The festival will include a selection of short films from different genres and with different themes; an excellent way to enjoy the art of film and a festival environment.

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