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Whether for personal care, to eliminate toxins or for well-deserved hedonism, guests have access to a dry sauna and steam room as well as a massage room. A wide variety of therapeutic and beauty treatments at the hands of qualified specialists are available in this Barcelona spa hotel.


The swimming pool has the alma or soul of a Japanese onsen and the palette of a Mediterranean sunrise. Idyllic submersion and a relaxing swim to unwind muscles and mind.

The dry sauna and steam room are completed by the contrast showers in the water zone of the Hotel Alma Barcelona spa.

Gym & Yoga

The gym is equipped with a wide range of equipment for daily exercise, including TRX suspension trainers and personal trainer services.

The personalised yoga, chi kung and Pilates services available to guests complete the gym facilities offered at this luxury hotel.

Massages and Exclusive Treatments

A total of 17 services to cover all needs. Grouped into categories (basic, aesthetic, specific, special and holistic), they include massages and treatments with relaxing, curative, draining, detoxifying, toning or rejuvenating effects. They are also combined with Eastern techniques such as acupuncture, reflexology and Reiki.

The application of Alma oil in some of the treatments enhances the benefits and completes the experience. The chance to end the session savouring a special Alma juice or tea prolongs the moment of pleasure in the hotel spa.

Massages and treatments

Massages and treatments

ALMA’s Zen
  • € 95 – 1 h / € 150 – 90 min
  • With Alma oil: € 120 – 1 h / € 160 – 90 min

Gentle and relaxing massage. Long, slow strokes and light pressure applied to muscle tissue.

ALMA’s Star
  • € 100 – 1 h / € 150 – 90 min
  • With Alma oil: € 125 – 1 h / € 160 – 90 min

The star of (Hotel) Alma. The most popular and versatile massage that we offer. A whole-body massage that applies medium pressure. Midway between a healing and relaxing massage.

ALMA’s Deep Tissue
  • € 110 – 1 h / € 165 – 90 min
  • With Alma oil: € 145 – 1 h / € 175 – 90 min

Deep massage with medium to firm pressure. Similar to a therapeutic massage.

ALMA’s Detox
  • € 95 – 1 h / € 150 – 90 min
  • With Alma oil: € 120 – 1 h / € 165 – 90 min

A combination of drainage and detox techniques to achieve aesthetic improvements and to rejuvenate the body.

ALMA’s Aesthetics
  • € 80 – 45 min (withAlma’s special Flash treatment blend)

Aesthetic-relaxing massage applied to the face, head and adjacent areas. Includes exfoliation, toning and relaxation of the treated areas.

Alma’s Facial Acupuncture
  • € 90 – 1 h

Cosmetic acupuncture. Application of fine needles to the face to correct both superficial and deeper wrinkles. A popular technique among celebrities.

Alma’s Whole Aesthetics
  • € 160 – 90 min (with Alma’s special Flash treatment blend)

All-in-one massage. A combination of all the aesthetic services listed above.

ALMA’s Acupuncture
  • € 95 – 1 hour

Needle treatment based on Korean KOSA acupuncture and other more traditional acupuncture systems. Involves active needle techniques that can correct pain or physical difficulties, either emotional or psychological.

ALMA’s Star acupuncture
  • € 140 – 80 min / € 190 – 2 hours

Combination of massage and acupuncture. Needles are inserted to either legs or back while a deep massage is applied to the needle-free area, the order is then reversed. Available in two modes: acupuncture on legs and back or acupuncture only on the back.

ALMA’s Ayurveda (Pindas)
  • € 170 – 90 min
  • Special blends of oil always included

Enveloping massage with generous amounts of oil and use of aromatic substances.

Alma’s Californian Esalen
  • € 160 – 90 min
  • With Alma oil: € 180 – 90 min

Massage from the Californian school based on a combination of Thai, harmonic rocking and Lomi-Lomi spiritual techniques. It involves a series of long, enveloping movements and firm, steady and deep touches as well as rotations and stretches. Complete and re-balancing.

ALMA’s Pregnancy
  • € 90 – 1 hour
  • This massage cannot be performed using Alma oil

Massage specially formulated for pregnant women. Special attention is given to leg circulation and back muscles.

ALMA’s Reflexology
  • € 80 – 1 hour
  • With Alma oil: € 95 – 1 hour

A combination of reflexology techniques applied to feet, hands and head. The technique has restoring, relaxing and therapeutic effects on the body.

Voyage of The ALMA
  • € 200 – 2 hours
  • With Alma oil: € 240 – 2 hours

Whole-body massage: deep, subtle and enveloping. A unique experience from beginning to end. Includes warm oil and essential oils to stimulate all the senses. To finish, a special Alma juice or tea is served.

ALMA’s Galaxy (includes acupuncture)
  • € 230 – 2 hours
  • With Alma oil: € 270

The most comprehensive massage in the range of Special treatments. Includes relaxing massage, acupuncture with deep massage, full-body enveloping massage and energetic healing or reiki. A complete system and an experience to be enjoyed from beginning to end. To finish, a special Alma juice or tea is served.

ALMA’s Balance (4 hands)
  • € 130 – 1 hour / € 160 – 90 min
  • With Alma oil: € 150 – 1 hour / € 190 – 90 min

Massage applied by two or four masseurs. Following the Alma Star system, the massage works simultaneously on all parts of the body while maintaining a dynamic balance. Abandon yourself to the massage and let the outside world melt away.

ALMA’s Universe
  • € 180 – 90 min / € 220 – 2 hours
  • With Alma oil: € 220 – 90 min / € 260 – 2 hours

A combination of different massage techniques and styles created exclusively by the masseurs at the Hotel. Unique, personalised massage adapted to the needs of the guest. Versatile, innovative and creative.

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